A part of the current activity of JAI remains concentrated on the design, manufacture and sale of melamine panels and coverings, which, under the IMEL brand, satisfy the demands of the décor and furniture industries. The range of different thicknesses, from the thinnest to the thickest panels on the market, numerous surface finishes, combined with our designs and formats, offer a wide range of choices in our catalog. Any of our designs is also available in our Compact Laminate line.

Fruit of a laborious research and development process, like the application of the most recent technological advances, JAI decided to broaden and diversify its offering with a complete family of acoustic treatments: Metrowall Acoustic Lines.

Metrowall Acoustic Lines & Dots embraces a range of acoustic products designed for covering walls and ceilings, that especially strive to satisfy the new acoustic requirements specified in the CTE (Technical Building Code). We have introduced a very aesthetically pleasing and unique range of these products for the marketplace, like the only supported standard format MDF dyed black through its whole mass.

All of our surfaces, melamine panels, acoustic panels, and compact laminates are also available in our exclusive solution, Digital. We can offer you whichever design solution, with a quality photographic reproduction, guaranteeing the same characteristics of strength and durability of any design standard in our range of products.

Today, JAI is present in the market with this wide range of products, able to satisfy the aesthetics, strength, durability and comfort needs that are required for a good project and its materials. In addtion to the maximum quality of its products, JAI guarantees a flexibility and responsiveness that allows us to adapt to the individual needs of each customer, for example, assuming the design responsibilities for major installations, such as hotels, offices and public buildings.