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Metrowall Acoustic Lines & Dots is the solution that JAI brings you to solve any problems of acoustic balance you may have in a space, without neglecting the aesthetic dimension—this product offers great decorative potential. Our entire design range, such as our Digital solutions, is available in our Metrowall Acoustic Lines & Dots series.

Any activity can disrupt the sound quality within a room, such as group conversations, telephones, music, etc. All occupants of a space—offices, restaurants, schools, or any other places—need a safe and comfortable environment where they can conduct their activities under the best conditions. If a space is not properly treated acoustically, such disturbances can cause a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of its occupants.

Metrowall Acoustic Lines & Dots, is a thin treatment for ceilings and walls, specially designed to meet the new acoustic requirements of the CTE. It also has been certified with a fireproof rating of European Classification M1: B, s2, d0. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our products more closely through our catalog.

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