Transveral Pore Finish

Deep, Unique Finishes:

Poro Transversal

The current market trends point toward a demand for natural and authentic products, where the mere appearance of a design is no longer enough to promote these new tastes.

JAI has developed a range of deep, exclusive finishes for the market, which further increase the sense of perspective and authenticity of a design, and above all, convey to the touch an intensely natural feel. No one can remain indifferent to the visual and tactile effect that our deep finishes convey.

To technically achieve such important depths of surfaces, we have to press our panels with a multilayered construction on each side of the board, with a base of decorative paper and several sheets of craft paper.


  • Poro Transversal Blanco

  • Muestra Poro Transversal Blanco

  • Poro Transversal Oscuro

  • Muestra Oscuro Poro Transversal