Deep, Rich Finishes


 We offer a wide range of different finishes for our melamine panels. New: Very deep finishes for our melamine panels, creating the effect of natural wood in appearance and feel.

  • Transversal pore: deep cross-wise pore, the feeling and effect of natural wood grain.
  • Double Pore: Combination of deep longitudinal and transverse wood grains that resemble mountain ash.
  • Slate Pore: Slate Pore: Current design trends have led us to create textured finishes transmitting new tastes. JAI offers products with finishes that possess a profound depth of perspective, texture, realism and natural beauty.

The family of wood grain finishes for our melamine panels, reference the natural texture of wood, lending a certain roughness to the surface of the board. The manner we paint each surface is random, in order to create different wood effects. Here we offer different options, each with its own nuance:

  • Poro Natural: subtle marking, without texture between pores.
  • Poro Calido: Delicately marked and light, linear texture between pores.
  • Poro Barniz: Small soft pore with intermediate brightness.
  • Poro Relieve: Irregularly striped and a matte finish, with a raised surface very noticeable to the touch.
  • Poro Fresno Brillo: Bright Ash finish, with light lines and smooth texture.
  • Poro Mixed: irregular, longitudinal lines with contrasting glossy and matte finish that has personality and a very pleasant texture.

Smooth finishes for our melamine boards provide a homogeneous micro-embossed surface which combine with the degree of brightness.

  • Micro: Somewhat rough, but soft to the touch, intermediate brightness.
  • Seda Mate: almost smooth texture, matte appearance and silky to the touch.
  • Liso: smooth, satiny texture.
  • Brillo: Smooth high gloss. Brightness> 100 (measured with a glossmeter REFO 60-D).
  • Cera: Waxy, a little rough; soft to the touch, intermediate brightness.