The JAI Digital solution provides access to a world of almost limitless possibilities. We guarantee a very durable surface, which for the first time allows this type of panel to be used in furniture, not only in décor as was the case before.

We have succeeded in integrating our Digital solution into all stages of our manufacturing process. It is a very important achievement, because we are well aware that the product quantities most companies can manage are very low, and by definition, totally incompatible with melamine production process. Again, JAI offers a different solution to the market, always looking suit your needs.

Our Digital solution lets you design your space, assemble your decor, create an atmosphere, without any commitment on quantities.

We guarantee that, once printed, your image, logo, graphic or whimsical design, will have the same surface characteristics as any other product we currently manufacture. You can use our digital panel as an element of a piece of furniture, such as a table top, counter or wall covering–among many other uses—without the risk of surface wear.

Our Digital solution is available on:

  • Chipboard melamine boards / MDF, in standard quality, waterproof or fireproof, and in any thickness.
  • Over our Acoustic Metrowall Lines & Dots acoustic panels.
  • Over our Compact High Density panels with black or white core (ideal for table tops).
  • Maximum unit dimensions: 2830x1000mm
  • Possibility of a 2-sided fabrication (available upon request).
Possibility of a 2-sided fabrication (available upon request).
  • Custom Projects

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